Doyen Investment Partners,
Invest wisely


Doyen Investment Partners Srl (DIP) is a consultancy company specialised in strategic finance focused on small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

DIP focuses on finding alternative forms of financing, on derivatives valuation and on business development plans.

DIP represents a totally independent reality. As such it has no conflicts of interest in the consulting activity performed for its customers. Our consultancy remains faithful to objective analytical criteria and aims at maximizing value for the client.


Marco Avogaro

CFO and founding partner of Dip. Marco has worked in finance since 2006 in London. First as a credit trader for Credit Suisse and UBS before cofounding the investment firm Kalis Capital

Luca Ferrazzi

Dip Partner. Before joining the Dip team he has worked in the banking sector as private banker for almost 10 years in top investment institutions.